Top 5 legal car modifications in India

[2022 Updated] Top 5 legal car modifications in India l Autogron

Car modifications are going higher day by day. As the lifestyle-changing, more people are taking interest in car customization.

Why we do car modifications ?

Do you know why people modify their cars? well, Do you know why people furnish and renovate their houses? both the categories are not the same and they belong to different points. But the information which I want to convey is that people want variations and they do in their living space. Because it is an essential part of their lives. For some people, the car is not only a transportation option, but it is love, it is the reputation & it is status. So, people customize their car according to their choice. People modify their cars to enhance their riding experiences. Some modify to be a center of attraction. and some modify their car to add a luxurious feel.

All things are valid and acceptable but problems occur when people do some dramatic changes in their car without knowing the car modification rules. They did forget about the safety parameter which should be followed in their car. They just went with the emotions. That is the reason there are some rules for car modification which you should know about it. According to the supreme court of India, no such cars have permission to run on the road which is not following the modification rules and the details are not matching with the RC(registration certificate). In other words, the car owner is not allowed to play with the “structural characteristics” of the car in any conditions. If you wanna customize your car here is information for you.

car modifications for vinyl wrap

1. Body wraps or vinyl wraps

Body wraps are a good alternate option for your car paint and it has become a trend in the Indian Bazzar. It is a colored, textured film that can be applied on the car without removing car paint. Whereas it works as a safety of the factory paint. On the other hand, you can apply the body wrap in different areas like hood, fender, roof, back, etc…Because you are not changing the original car paint, you don’t have to take permission for the RTO.

car modifications for alloyes

2. Upsizing tyres and alloy wheels

One of the most famous car modifications is alloy wheels. When a person buys a new car, always think about changing steel rims with alloy wheels. Now, people think changing the alloy wheel is a legal car modification and the answer is yes but there is a certain limit to that. Keep in mind while choosing your car tires that they are not extra wide or extra size otherwise, they will create problems in the handling and performance of your vehicle. Remember also not only does applying large tires create problems, reducing the size Is also a concern. Downsizing is illegal car modification and it is very dangerous.

car modifications for body kit

3. Car modifications using Body kits

Body kits are basically a combo of different car accessories like a diffuser, side molding, side skirts, fenders, front splitter, etc. According to your need, you can customize the Body kit by changing the accessories available in the default kit. However, these kits do not make any structural alteration your car so this is legal and valid.

car modifications for cng kits

4. Aftermarket CNG kits

Yes CNG kit does count as car customization. The main reason to use the CNG kit is, that it is pocket-friendly, environment friendly. Placing a CNG kit does not come in illegal car modifications unless you have corrected your RC. The detail of your RC should match with the Car. If you are using a CNG kit but in RC Petrol in written then it will be a problem. 

car modifications for led drls


Let me inform you about this modification it is very dangerous if we talk about the safety of your and another person who is coming from the front.

Suppose person A modified his car with me powerful LED headlights, A has to go out of town for some office work. He has to do night traveling. On the road, he sees a mini truck is coming from the front. Unfortunately, the mini-truck driver is not able to see the car and then there is a huge smash. 

So I think you got my point that modify the default halogen lamp with a more powerful headlight is very risky and of courses it is illegal. However, you can get LED DRL’s which are legal, helpful, and safe.

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