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[Top 5] Exterior Budget Car Modification In India

The Budget-friendly section has been the most famous in India and for good purpose. Car manufacturing companies are trying to make budget-friendly cars more durable, more secure, and more powerful. And you can get your budget car to look and act like a premium car through magical modifications. 

People are modifying their cars for the last many years and that’s why Car manufactures producing their own variant of branded modifications that comply with the CMV Rules(Central Motor Vehicles Rules) of 1989.

So, If you have a budget car and planning to change the complete look, there are several ways to make it done. these budget car modifications can make your car look like a brand new vehicle.

List of Top 5 Exterior budget Modifications

One of the best ways to change the feel of your car is to add some accessories to your car exterior. There are several ways to provide your car a look like a “facelift” without much affecting your wallet. The benefit of  changing your car look from outside is, whenever you want to sell you will get a better deal. Let’s take a look on some budget car modifications.

budget car modifications for wrap

1. Car Wraps and Stripes

Believe it or not but adding some racing stripes to the body can give your car an updated look. And another affordable way to customize your car look is to cover it with a vinyl wrap. In the last few years, car wrap becomes popular, especially in the sports car segment. Yes, these types of car modifications are budget-friendly and legal as well.

budget car modifications for car headlight

2. Budget Car Modifications-Headlights​

Generally, cars come with factory components, including regular headlamp covers. While these elements complete their purpose, they look a little normal. The Aftermarket is filled with modified headlamp covers that can easily improve the appearance of your car. That completely depends on you if you like a round headlight, oval, or Square one, there are unlimited options. 
With the covers, you can also change the lights inside. Generally, cars come with regular LED headlamps or halogen lamps but you can change them for darker or brighter lights, It depends on your choice but always remember the car modification rules.

Budget Car Modifications- Windshield Wipers​

3. Budget Car Modifications- Windshield Wipers

Here is another part that can be changed for a more modified driving experience. Yes, you can enhance your car look by changing the windshield wipers there are lots of wipers available in the aftermarket with amazing working and beautiful look. These can be in different designs, colors, and even materials that can add a coat of fashion to your vehicle.

budget car modifications for wheels and rims

4. Wheels and Rims

As per my experience in Automobile, this is the first change people do in their car as a modification. Due to the high demand for alloy wheels, manufacturers also started providing alloy wheels for upper variants of the car. Wheel and rims both can be customized you can change and fit smaller or larger wheels onto the car. On the other hand, Rims, are available in all shapes, sizes, and colors.


budget car modifications for spoilers

5. Spoilers

If you are a Need for Speed movies enthusiast, you would like the look of most of the sports cars. You have seen always that sports cars have always spoilers behind them. Spoiler helps in both looks and aerodynamics. Nowadays manufacturers are also providing spoilers in accessories. 

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