Car Modifications In India | Legal Vs Illegal

[2022 Updated] Car Modifications In India | Legal Vs Illegal

People always want personalized and unique things which help them to be the center of attraction. Make them happy and proud. Do you have a car no matter old or new? and planning to make some cosmetic changes. In India, car modification is legal but with some limits. People get always confused with the rules and regulations for car modifications. So I am here to tell to about the legal and illegal car modification in india.

Table of contents

1Are car modifications illegal in India?
2Which car modifications are illegal in India?
 a. Tyre width
 b. Car Horn
 c. Alloys
 d. Changing the shape and size of the vehicle
 e. Modification of engine
 f. Windows Tinting
3.Which car modifications are legal in India?
 a. Front and rear lights
 b. Suspension Modification
 c. Fuel modification
 d. Tyre Modification
 e. Colour Modification
 f. Basic Modification
4.Is it legal to vinyl wrap a car in India?
5. Conclusion

Are car modifications is illegal in India ?

No, Car modification is not illegal in India if you follow all the specified rules stated by the government of India. Some of the car customization options are illegal. You can modify Car alloys, Tyres, Infotainment systems, Body kits, etc. 

All the restriction of car modification is just because of safety. Not all the customization complies with the safety norms. For example, if you do any change in the car body or chassis then it will be illegal and will stand for a big cost.

Which car modifications is illegal in India ?

Any modification which is different from the manufacturer’s specs is not legal.

1. Tyre width

I know bigger and wider tires look good but if they are coming out from the car body after fitment then they are illegal.

2. Car Horn

As you know louder horns make a huge sound which is very harmful to the environment and as well as life. So using the horn louder than 100 decibels (unit of sound) is illegal.

3. Alloys

In the market there are different types of alloys that are used but using alloys coming out from the tyre edge is illegal.

4. Changing the shape and size of the vehicle

 My people want to own something like a lemo or any convertible car. But not all can afford it. So they play with their car’s shape and body size which reduces the strength of the car and This is illegal.

5. Modification of engine

After all, who doesn’t want to improve their engine power and performance? If you want to swap car engine with lower power to higher then it is illegal

6. Windows Tinting

According to the supreme court of India, Windows can be tinted but the transparency should be 80%.Using darker films will make it illegal.

Which car modifications is legal in India ?

Here I am with some popular car modifications in India. 

1. Front and rear lights

The auxiliary lamp can be a good option and if you want to enhance the car look more then you can use fog lamps that are legal.

2. Suspension Modification

Suspension is used to absorb shock and to provide a quality ride. Mostly this modification is used for off-road purposes but little amount of adjustments can be safe and legal

3. Fuel modification

If you are using any diesel car and want CNG, yes you can do it but before the fitment, you have to take permission from the RTO and your RC should reflect the changes.

4. Tyre Modification

Changing the tyre is a legal modification if you change the tyre from a lower model to a higher model is a good way to do it.

5. Colour Modification

You can change you can paint by taking permission from RTO. But remember that you should take permission before the paintwork otherwise it will be a problem.

6. Basic Modification

Basic fitment like door visor, side moulding, side skirts, number plate garnish is the basic modification that you can do without any restrictions.

vinyl wrap

Is it legal to vinyl wrap a car in India?

Vinyl wrap is a good alternative for car paint. It is a coloured film which can be rolled on a car. It prevents reduces the damage of environmental things on the factory-made car paint. which is again pocket friendly. Vinyl is easily removable and it comes with variates of colour and patterns.

Another thing is stickers those are also a good option. Using a little amount of vinyl is safe. You can partially vinyl wrap which is legal but covering a full car with different colour can cause you problems. The average costing for SUV vinyl wrap is 40000-50000. And the life of vinyl depends on your caring like park your car in shade. If you take good care then 2.5-3 years will be the average.


In my opinion car modification is absolutely amazing. But risking your life and playing with the safety of the car is a different thing. If you are doing modifications without compromising the safety of the car then it will be perfect. and Interior modification is also a good option like customised seat cover, steering cover, infotainment, etc

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