[2022 Updated] List Of Legal Car Modifications In India

Do you know about legal car modification? The supreme court of India decided to make Vehicle modifications illegal in Jan-2019.
But let me tell you not all types of modifications are against the Rules. You can still do some car modification, without going against the law. There are many cities where car modification is available like Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata but most the popular city for car modification is Bangalore So here I am giving you some legal car modifications. Let’s take a look-

List of 5 Car modification that are not illegal in India

legal modification for tyres

1.Legal car modifcation for Tyres

You can Modify your car tires but keep in mind they should comply with the manufacturer’s requirements. Choose your car tires wisely because some of your car performance is dependent on car tires. I know a bigger tire will enhance the look of the vehicle but going out of the manufacture’s requirements is not legal. If your car tires not coming out of the car’s body then they are legal. 

legal car modification for paint

2.Legal car modification for Paint

You can repaint your car in any color according to your demand. But before doing any paintwork on your car you should take permission from RTO. The details of your car should match with your RC(Registration Certificate). In the RC vehicle color is mentioned. If Mentioned color and your car color are the same then it is legal car modification.

NOTE: Remember your car can be painted in any color except Olive Green because this color is reserved for Military use only.

legal car modification for body wrap

3.Body wrap

This is my favorite legal car modification and I always prefer it. This is something like “To kill two birds with one stone”. Let me explain to you. You don’t have to remove your original factory paint because it decreases the value. Vinyl wrap work as a protection layer for your car paint. Fully customizable there are lots of vinyl patterns, textures, and colors available in the market.
If we talk about the life and cost of vinyl wrap. The average cost for full wrap a small hatchback like swift or i20 will cost you 30,000₹-40,000₹. The average life of vinyl wrap is 2 to 2.5 years(depends on how you care).
And you don’t need any permission from RTO for the vinyl wrap.



As you know suspension improves the ride quality. But too much decreasing and increasing the ride height can cause you problems. But yes definitely you can adjust a little and this is legal. You can install anti-roll bars for making smooth turns. Also, you can do fitment of coil covers and aftermarket shock which can be helpful for stability and reduce car body roll.

window tinting

5. Window Tinting

The Supreme Court of the country has banned the windshield and vehicle windows that are highly tinted. Basically, tinting prevents the car becomes hot in the summer season. Not that much but yes it prevents. That’s why I am here to tell you about the legal car tinting modification.
According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1998-more than 80%of, the light should pass through the window. If you use darker films then it will not comply with the Act.

Some more modifications that will be legal are: -Seat cover change, Infotainment change, Dashboard led lights, Suitable body kit, Spoiler, etc…

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