[2022 Updated] List of illegal car modifications in India

Any alteration or any cosmetic change in your Car is referred to as its modification. The modified car looks so stunning and for improving the car’s performance we change some of the specifications of the car which are set by the manufacturer. That’s why all car modifications are not legal. So, I am here with a list of illegal car modification you should avoid.

List of 9 Car modification that are not legal in India

list of legal car modification in india

1.Fancy Number Plates

If you tried to make your car number plate unique and fancy through any artwork or any fonts then it will be illegal. Do you know that the number plate has some prescribed dimensions? 

For the legal dimension, you should check your vehicle number plate which is provided by your car company.
Make sure the number plate is present on both sides front and rear. Without HSRP (High-Security Registration Plate) your car will be illegal. Check the above image.

pressure horns

2.IIlegal car modification for Pressure Horns

Horns that are above 100 decibels(unit of sound) come in illegal car modification. But if we talk about the benefits of it, there are no benefits of using the pressure horn or any louder horn while there are several losses using these types of horns. 

Using the louder horns can cause hearing loss in humans, and not only that it, is harmful to animals and birds as well. That’s why the government has completely banned air horns for keeping the environment and life safe.

car exhaust

3.Illegal car modification for Exhausts​

I know aftermarket exhaust is a nice way to be the center of attraction but this type of car modification attracts police as well. 

So remember your car exhaust should not create sound above 100 decibels.
If you think below 100 decibels you will be safe unfortunately this is not predicted. All the things depend on the mood of the police and it is not preferable to fit any Aftermarket exhaust.

But if you still want to fit the Aftermarket exhaust make sure there is a catalytic converter fitted on the vehicle. A catalytic converter converts the poisonous gases into water vapor and reduces the level of carbon dioxide from the exhaust gases. This is the BS6 norms and it should be obeyed otherwise it will be illegal.

dark tinting on the car glass

4.Dark Sun Film (Window Tinting)

If you want to use tint, yes you can use but there are some restrictions for using it. let me explain to you, for front and rear windscreen the transparency should be 70%. 

It means 70% light should pass through the windscreen. So that police can see through it and it will be easier for them to catch bad guys. If we talk about the side windows then the pass-through percentage will be 50%. 

Another reason to not using darker tinting is accidents. If you really use darker films then it will be illegal.

budget car modifications for car headlight

5.Illegal car modification for HID

You cannot change the headlight and taillight according to your choice or your chosen color, because it is illegal. Using extra bright light is also not legal. A valid reason for not using extra bright light is, it can make the person blind who is coming from the front in the night. It can cause some mishappening. You can use DRL’s but according to the manufactures specified specifications. 

illegal car modification forsun roof in the car

6.Chopping The Roof

Do you know the roof of the car comes in the chassis part? Yes, and doing any changes in the body will cause illegal modification. You are not allowed to make your car convertible by just cutting your car roof. And another reason is by cutting the roof will reduce the strength of the car. Which is very unsafe. 

illegal car modification for engine swap

7.Illegal car modification for Engine Swap

Most people are confused about this type of modification. Swapping engines from low-power engines to high-power engines is illegal. Mismatching the details of the engine like the fuel or engine number.

If you are using CNG and in your RC fuel type petrol is mentioned then it is illegal. But you can take permission from the RTO for fuel variation. If your car’s engine number is different from the engine number mentioned on RC then it will illegal.

bull bars

8.Bull Bars/Crash Guards

The crash guard is the hollow metal rod that can be placed on the front and rear bumper. To be honest it is very dangerous in terms of safety. People think that the bull bar help in absorbing shock during the accident but unfortunately the reality is different. 

Bullbars hide the parking sensors and prevent the airbag to open during the accident. The airbag sensors are present under the hood. During the front hit, the sensors are unable to get the accurate data for opening the Airbag just because of Bullbars. So that’s why they are illegal 

extra wide tyres

9. Extra Wide Tyres

Yes, I agree wide tyres will improve your car look but it does not mean to fit the truck tyre to your car. There are many incidents of huge penalties for using extra-wide tires. It is illegal to use extra bigger enormous tyres on your car. You can use specified wider tyres mentioned by the manufactures.

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