Car Modifications That Reduce Performance

[2022 Shocking ] Car Modifications That Reduce Performance

The joy and thrill of buying a new car are on one side and the fitment of accessories is on the other. We have to accept, that be it either of both situations, it’ll be exhausting your wallet. As we all know every coin has two sides, Not all accessories are good for your car. So here are some performance-reducing car modifications.

List of 6 Performance reducing car Modifications

performance reducing car modifications body kit

1. Overdone Body Kits

A well-designed and engineered body kit seems and runs well. They help in improving the performance of the car by making the car more aerodynamic. But things start to go wrong when kits are used to improve the aesthetics or they overdo the aesthetics. A badly made body kit may lead to vehicle slowly and heavy due to worst aero making.

performance reducing car modifications for spoiler

2. Large spoilers

If you are not informed of the fact that the Spoilers do improve something in the car. Additionally, Peoples are not well aware of what exactly does a spoiler do. 

Let me tell you, Spoilers provide downforce to the vehicle to enhance the cornering abilities of a vehicle. A Spoiler allows the car to take turns at high speeds at the cost of straight-line speed. But on the opposite, it is not useful if you want to drive straight. In brief, Spoiler increases drag and hence slows you down on the road. You should also analyze the weight of the spoiler as they are not thin. This is one of the performance-reducing car modifications.

cheap alloy wheels

3. Aftermarket (Cheap) Alloy Wheels

Manufacturing of alloy wheel is not a child’s play. Carmaker spends lots of time, money, and many more in researching an alloy wheel specific to a car. Many variables are analyzed before making an alloy. On the opposite, here in India alloy wheel can be found in the aftermarket shops. Yes! we accept that they surely improve the look of the vehicle. But if they are not well designed or are not from a recognizable brand they are of no use.

 They will do reduce the performance rather than improving. Many of local market alloy wheels are usually heavier than the steel rims that the car gets from the Companies. Increasing the unwanted mass is something you would not like to do. It will decrease many properties more importantly the power and efficiency of the car.

wide tires

4. Ultra-Wide Tyres

Adding more wider tire enhance the look of the car and I know people are obsessed with wide tires. If a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) does not have wide tires, it is no SUV match! But let me inform you there are not good for the car. Wide tires have a negative impact on the suspension system, on the steering system because it puts unnecessary load on those components.

Actually wide tires increase the mass of the vehicle. (Wide tire means wider than fender). Wide tires are illegal as well. So keep in mind before choosing the correct tires.

air filter

5. Aftermarket Air Filter (Without Tuning)

Nowadays modern engines are smart enough to identify changes in attributes such as the volume of air entering the intake manifold via Mass Air Flow sensor. If you want to run your car with the best performance you should tune your Aftermarket Air filter with ECU.

Without tuning the ECU is not able to deduce the max potential out of the air filter. If it is properly tuned with the exhaust system it does miracles to the power figures of the car. It comes in categories of legal car modifications.

high octane

6. High Octane Fuel

People always think that Higher Octane fuel is equal to the higher efficiency of the vehicle. I know this is correct but not for all vehicles. You can not use Higher octane fuel unless not mentioned in the user manual of the car, Usually, High compression petrol engines required a high octane fuel to run more efficiently and obtain the most out of the engine.

 Let me explain to you in detail, Premium fuel has a higher octane number than Regular fuel. This can lead to pre-ignition or  Blast for one and this would lead to more carbon discharge in the engine. Putting the high octane fuel in an engine with a low compression ratio will result in problems. 

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